Deep breath…

So it seems like the world is ending. We now have the worst possible pick for president, an ultra-right congress, a soon-to-be conservative judiciary, and a cabinet filled with more of the worst of the worst. Which is horrible, but not impossible. It just means that the good people of the world need to work all the harder. In order to wrap my head around the problem, here’s where I can see us going off the rails (in no particular order):

  • Institutionalized profiling (arrests, deportations, etc.)
  • Normalization of racism, sexism, etc.
  • A chilling of free speech, free assembly, etc.
  • People dying from being denied healthcare
  • An undoing of environmental regulations
  • Selling off public lands to unregulated industry
  • Initiation of global hostilities

Despite all of the awful potentialities, the biggest danger is that we give up.