Ready player one…

Okay gang, this is it. We’ve got a fight on our hands and a lot of work to do. The good people of the world need our love, aid, support, kindness, and protection now, more than ever. It’s time to gear up, stand for what’s right, and speak the truth. And let me just say: I’m with you brother.

But here’s a mistake that I’ve made in the past and so I’m sharing so you don’t make it (and so that I don’t make it again). You can’t help the world unless you are fully committed, fully grounded, and fully caring for yourself. Exhausting yourself on externals will only put you out of the fight sooner.

So breathe. Focus. Make sure that your immediate family is protected. Get a good night’s sleep, drink enough water, and wear comfortable clothes because those little things will make a big difference. Here’s a mantra: soldiers don’t go in to battle with sore feet.

And brother — I got your back. Always.