A small sampling of the many people for whom I am thankful.  Some of them are inspiring, some are helpful, some I owe my life or at least continued sanity.  All are pretty fantastic and supremely talented folk! Seriously, visit their websites and see for yourself. And support their work if you are able, as these are people who truly deserve your (really, everyone’s) support. Yes, I admit a certain bias in my opinions, though note that I can personally vouch for each of them. So just roll with it.  And now, in no particular order…

Amy Eichsteadt* Sondra Carr
Katie Cavera Chris Cavera
Laura Cavera My parents (of course)
William Brown Michael Garcia
Fabiola Bergi Jen Garrison-Stuber
Lani Garfield John Rinaldi
Benjamin Wachs Thaddius Mace Wike
Kara Roschi Rose Pitts*
Alicia and Keith Brewer Guangxue Zhao
Jessica Buenrostro Christina Ann Landers
Shannon Pakes  

Oh, and by the way, I’m grateful to Sondra for the idea of a gratitude page. Which I guess is meta-gratitude.

* Note: some of these links go to Facebook. If you don’t Facebook as much as I don’t Facebook, then don’t Facebook.