Yes, someday each of these will get their own page. Projects in black are current, projects in grey are historical and in no particular order. And note, this is not meant to be an exhaustive list. That would be way too long. This is just a bunch of stuff that I’m willing (and able — damn NDA’s) to share with the world.



  • Cargo van conversion to a camper
  • A sky full of stars (both an art project and an engineering project)
  • Beat with me (also both art and engineering)
  • Building a new MP3 player to replace my dead iPod
  • Vas Memoria (memory container)


  • Secret Android project #1
  • Secret Android project #2
  • Secret web project #1
  • Secret web project #2
  • It’s about time… (yep, also a programming project)
  • LabVIEW to PCAP interface (a small bit of the AFDX project)
  • Dewey decimal (do we ever!) file system in MS Access


  • Dense plasma focus fusion for space propulsion
  • Combined MHD and neutronic code for fusion reactor simulation (yep, related to the first one)
  • The obligatory laser pistol
  • Transcranial direct-current stimulation