My name is Jim Cavera, which is probably just as you expected.  If this comes as a surprise to you, seriously — read the titles on the site.  Or double-check the URL that you typed.  Anyway, I am a scientist, engineer, sometimes-writer, and sometimes-artist. If you want to see my resume… ummm, you actually want to see my resume?! Just look me up on LinkedIn. I should be easy to find and I do keep that updated (on an irregular, whenever-I-feel-like-it basis).

If you really want to hire me, here are some things I can do…

  • Write any sort of code in damn near any programming language
  • Design and build a test system for just about anything
  • Do something with data communication, particularly if related to air- and space-craft
  • Explain to almost anyone, almost anything about science or engineering
  • Provide scientific or engineering work for an art project
  • Design and build electronic things (so long as they are low to moderate complexity)
  • Engineer lasers, nuclear reactors, particle accelerators, vacuum, and cryogenic systems

Yep, all of that and still no superpowers. Damn.

Papers that I’ve written that I’m sorta happy with…

Obviously, a very small subset of all of the papers that I’ve actually written.

n-Tier Architectures for the Creation of User-Friendly Systems delivered at NIWeek, August 2006.

The Nuclear Option: The feasibility of transport to an interstellar target within a single human lifetime delivered at the 100-year Starship Symposium, September 2012.

Zero to Hero: Designing the LabVIEW drivers for your instrument delivered at NIWeek, August 2013.